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Der Akademische Kammerchor „Chreschtschatyk“УкраїнськаFrench Italian SpanishDutchРусскийPolski

The Khreschatyk Choir first performed on April 9, 1994 in P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (or Kyiv Conservatory) at the Music Premieres of the Season Festival. Since then the choir started its creative way that has always been closely related to artistic life of the Kyiv City and filled with performing music by contemporary Ukrainian composers. And only now when we realize how neat and symbolical it was to name the choir after the heart of the capital of Ukraine – Khreschatyk Street – even if at that time it was just an amateur choir lead by Larysa Bukhonska.

Now when the choir is famous and beloved nobody will be surprised hearing that during our music career we have performed 4673 new compositions (as of Dec 31, 2018), including 1435 premieres. Mostly these are voluminous compositions including even “Zolotoslov” Opera by Lesia Dychko in 2009. Very often some of the most difficult contemporary music programs are prepared in unbelievably short terms. Due to this exceptional working ability as well as unrestrained stylistic, genre and technical range and virtuosic performance mastery the choir has become a regular participant of Kyiv Music Fest, Music Premieres of the Season Festival, annual Easter Assembly, various philharmonic concerts and mutual programs with the best orchestras and solo singers in Ukraine. At the same time our choir takes part in various solemn and official events in our capital, we create our own concert programs (including original adaptations of world famous music pieces) and present them to the audience, we go on concert tours every time there’s an opportunity and gather full houses all over Ukraine, we perform compositions for audio recording for National Radio archive including performing on request of the composers.

Here’s what the composers themselves say about us:

  • “… a great number of our contemporary composers from all the regions of Ukraine are infinitely grateful to Khreschatyk. The choir has an exquisite feeling of the dramaturgy of a composition, its poetic character and stylistic completeness regardless whether it is a short choral miniature or a large complex composition,” – Lesia Dychko, Taras Shevchenko National Prize laureate, People’s Artist of Ukraine;
  • “… communication with Khreschatyk is always a feast of creative work. This prominent choir performs compositions by contemporary composers brilliantly regardless of their complexity. Soft cantilena, clarity of musical line, high vocal technique – these are what makes an unforgettable impression,” – Oleksandr Yakovchuk;
  • “Every composer dreams of meeting “their” performer, just the very one who will feel and manage to deliver an exquisite author’s concept. The Khreschatyk Choir has become such a performer for many composers. Clarity and variety of timbres, excellent feeling of harmony, exquisite feeling of composition’s concept – these are only some features of the performing style of this wonderful choir,” – Hanna Havrylets, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine;
  • “One of especially significant side of Khreschatyk is that the choir encourages authors to try themselves in choral writing. Composers from all over the country come to Kyiv again and again or invite the choir to their city. Then lending an attentive ear to every note of their composition and holding their breath they understand that the performing is impeccable…” – Viktor Tymozhynskyi, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine;
  • “Khreschatyk is a model of mobile, highly professional modern choir that is open to music of different epochs, genres and styles. They sing everything – starting from Ukrainian and world baroque music to different styles of modern music. They are always eager to encourage everything new and discover new composers starting from the students whose first works they have used to perform for years. To my mind, this wonderful choir lead by Pavlo Struts is an authentic high-technology and artistically armed laboratory of new music,” – Ihor Shcherbakov, Head of National Composers’ Union of Ukraine.

The performing of compositions by contemporary authors and music by new generation of composers is at the heart of the choir’s creative development bringing us fame and recognition. In 1999 the choir was given the status of municipal and has been financed by the Kiev City budget since then (since 2008 – partly).

In December 2009 the choir acquired the status of academic. Since January 2011 our official name is Khreschatyk Academic Chamber Choir.

It was certainly a new wind when in 2007 the choir was headed, by general director and mastermind of creating a “choral theater” Andriy Voinov and artistic director and Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Struts. They are the people who set ambitious goals to expand creative horizons of the choir as well as to break the bounds of common perception of what is a chamber choir.

A graduate of P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy (Kyiv Conservatory) Petro Struts came to Khreschatyk for the first time as a vocalist in 1995. Being a part of the choir throughout the years when the choir has grown from an amateur to a professional he was offered to become a chief conductor in 2000. Today he is a bearer of the traditions layed down in the beginning, i.e. prayerfulness of performing sacred music, timbre dramaturgy of sound and fanatic strictness to the quality of performance.

An outstanding and saturated with events creative career of Khreschatyk would not be possible without genuine love to their work, true team spirit, amiable atmosphere and mutual support they have. Each member of Khreschatyk choir is a professional musician and a graduate of one of the leading music educational institutions of Ukraine. Each of them is a wonderful vocalist as a chorister and as a soloist at the same time. Due to the concert programs in the choral theatre genre, each of them possesses outstanding skills in stage expression. Every vocalist who has ever been a part of Khreschatyk always speaks of the choir with warmth and gratitude as a period of their professional and creative growth.

The choir has close connection with many prominent artists due to sincere friendship and creative cooperation. These are composers: Lesia Dychko, Ihor Shcherbakov, Hanna Havrylets, Mykhaylo Shukh, Viktor Tymozhynskyi, Volodymyr Runchak, Oleksandr Yakovchuk, Tetiana Ivanytska, Leopold Yashchenko, Oleksandr Saratskyi, Vasyl Hayduk, Marek Jasinski (Poland), Rauf Aliyev (Azerbaijan), Alwin Michael Schronen (Germany); and conductors: Volodymyr Sirenko, Valeriy Matiukhin, Ihor Palkin, Oleksiy Bazhenov, Mykola Lysenko and many others. These creative tandems resulted in the world premieres of wonderful compositions, unique concert programs and genuine audience emotions.

It may seem that the choir performs mostly modern music. However, our repertoire includes various concert programs, which are real treasures of world music heritage. The most recent of these are: “Die Schopfung”, “Missa in Angustiis” by Franz Joseph Haydn, “Requiem” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Ein deutsches Requiem” by Johannes Brahms, “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff, “Stabat Mater” by Gioacchino Rossini, Sinfonie No. 8 by Gustav Mahler, Mass for Chorus and Wind Orchestra by Igor Stravinskyi, Mass No. 2 (e moll) for Chorus and Wind Orchestra by Anton Bruckner, Symphonie №2 (B-dur) (Symphonie-Cantate nach Worten) by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, “Gloria”, “Magnifikat” by Antonio Vivaldi, “Chichester Psalms” by Leonard Bernstein, Masses by Franz Schubert and many more. Nevertheless, our own low-budget tries of ‘choral theatre’ are the most beloved by the audience and the choristers. These are:

  • “Ave Maria – Most Pure and Immaculate” – the anthology of compositions dedicated to the Mother of God from old times to the present which are poetically combined with fragments of “The Life of the Virgin Mary” cycle by Rainer Maria Rilke (using our own translation of the poems to Ukrainian);
  • “Annual sun cycle of Ukrainian ceremonial singing” – the cycle which consists of four programs: “Sky and Earth” (Christmas carols), “Maiden Spring” (Easter and spring songs), “Kupalskyi Bog” (Ivan Kupalo Night songs) and “Wedding Bread” (harvest and wedding songs). These are authentic songs that saturate traditional folk seasonal feasts and belong to the best compositions of national music treasure;
  • “Сafe-chantant Khreschatyk” – a choral musical that consists of original arrangements of world famous French pop compositions;
  • “Song hits from everywhere” – a program consisting of world hits of popular music including “Besame mucho”, “Let my People Go”, “Only you”, “Yesterday”, “O Mammi blue”, “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Caruso” and many more.

More information on the foundation of Khreshchatyk choir (by Larysa Bukhonska) may be found at: